Who We Are

Gewan Hotel Management is a full-fledged hotel management company that operates and manages a range of hotels with a no-nonsense approach that focuses on identifying opportunities and achieving common goals.

Gewan hotels not only provide luxurious accommodation experiences but define the true value of excellence; consistently delivering impeccable services towards our guests.

Our belief is very transparent, first and foremost, everything we do is centered on our guests and making sure we give them an unforgettable memory and an exciting experience every time they stay at one of our hotels.


The essence of Gewan Hotel Management is not just in the luxurious surroundings we create or the impeccable service we provide but, in the experiences, and memories we help craft. Each day, we aim for excellence, ensuring that we cater to the discerning tastes of our guests and add value to every moment spent within our premises.

Your trust propels us to do better, dream bigger, and achieve greater heights. As we continue this remarkable journey, we sincerely thank you for choosing Gewan Hotel Management as your preferred destination. Together, let’s continue to redefine the benchmarks of luxury and hospitality.

Ahmed Hassib

CEO & Co Founder



Through commitment to excellence, we aim to lead the tourism sector and to inspire others by offering the highest standards of consistent and efficient hotel services for our guests providing remarkable experiences as one of the most successful hospitality management companies via satisfying our Customers, Guests, Associates, Partners, and Owners through commitment to excellence exceeding targeted goals through all our operations focusing on different market segments. As one of the strongest independent, hotel management companies serving the industry.


Our vision is to achieve industry leadership by securing the highest market share and ensuring the highest possible return on investment for our owners. We are dedicated to becoming the prime choice for all guests, guaranteeing an exceptional guest experience by anticipating needs, paying attention to details, and delivering distinctive excellence with warmth and concern. Gewan Hotel Management is committed to growing our global brand presence in the hospitality business and striving to be the employer of choice.


With our wealth of experience, expertise, and resources, rest assured that your hotels and resorts are in capable hands. We are committed to enhancing the value and profitability of the assets our clients entrust to us. The relationship begins with comprehensive discussions and initial property evaluations, enabling us to fully understand the specifics of your buildings and their facilities, condition, the market environment, operating procedures, and current staff. Armed with this knowledge, we propose strategies to manage your properties more effectively and economically, maximizing your investment returns.


Service Excellence

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Service Excellence

• It is our commitment to the pursuit of service excellence because it is the main focus for every member in Gewan Hotels.

• We take great care of every tiny detail and being detail-oriented in every possible aspect around us that made what we are now a reality.


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We inspire and excite everyone as we are about to make a measurable impact. positive energy and satisfy them with every minute spent at Gewan Hotels. We are the future hospitality industry; this means that we are always willing to try new things for our customers and looking for better ways to better achieve our goals.

Respect and Responsibility

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Respect and Responsibility

We respect all our partners, clients, team members and guests to have a long-term relationship with them based on trust, loyalty, and integrity. We believe that what made us unique is not only because of our services but also because of our culture, products, and people. We believe in being responsible for our surroundings, our people as well as our local community.


We approach each property with a total dedication to excellence, which is reflected by each employee on every level. Every potential property is carefully evaluated by Gewan Hotels through a method developed and tested over years of experience. We partner with architects, engineers and contractors who share our passion for excellence.

Our aim is always providing our guests with an extraordinary experience, create value of excellence, create refined, high-class lifestyle that pay attention to every detail and give guests a perfectly memorable enjoyment.

  • We are committed to nurturing our team through continuous skill and talent development while fostering a culture of respect, motivation, encouragement, and empowerment at every level.
  • We strive for top performance and encourage creative and innovative thinking beyond conventional boundaries.
  • We adapt to changing economic conditions and technological advances to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our customers and effectively meet their needs.
  • We play an active role in the community by supporting social initiatives and promoting employment within local markets.
  • We are dedicated to environmental management, from development and construction to daily operations, by utilizing eco-friendly products and implementing recycling initiatives.



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