About Gewan Hotel Management

Gewan Hotel Management

Gewan Hotel Management is a unique hotel management company which operates and manages hotels and actively creates a delicate high-class Lifestyle for guests by casting the elite life, insisting on the service spirit of “customer-focused, quality service”.

Gewan Hotel Management provide guests with an extraordinary experience, create value of excellence, convey delicate high-class lifestyle for guests to every detail, and give guests perfectly joyful enjoyment.

Through commitment to excellence We aim to lead the tourism sector and to inspire others by offering the highest standards of consistent and efficient hotel services for our guests providing remarkable experiences as one of the most successful hospitality management companies via satisfying our Customers, Guests, Associates, Partners and Owners through commitment to excellence exceeding targeted goals through all our operations focusing on different market segments. As one of the strongest independent, hotel management companies serving the industry.

Gewan Hotel Management aims at leadership in the hospitality industry in reach of having the highest market share targeting highest possible level of return on investment for our owners by being the prime choice for all guests guaranteeing exceptional guest experience through anticipation of their needs, attention to details, distinctive excellence, warmth and concern.  Gewan Hotel Management  is committed to increase and expand our brand in hospitality business across the globe and to be the employer of choice.

We approach each property with a total dedication to excellence, which is reflected by each employee on every level.

Every potential property is carefully evaluated by Gewan Hotel Management through a method developed and tested over years of experience. We partner with architects, engineers, and contractors who share our passion for excellence.

To achieve peak efficiency, we support all our properties and general managers through  a central office that provides for each property management services including auditing, payroll, invoicing, taxes, Insurance, budgets, legal services, talent management, recruitment and human capital development and training .

In short, our management formula means  “successful check-in for an extended stay.”

  • Nurture our people through continuous skill and talent development while respecting, motivating, encouraging and empowering decision making to each employee at each level.
  • Continuously strive for the highest results and encourage creative and innovative thinking outside the box.
  • Grasp changing economic influences and technological advancements, to achieve a more global understanding of our customers. and to truly meet their needs.
  • Have an effective role in community, supporting social needs and ensuring employment from within local opportunities.
  • Save the environment, starting from development, construction to daily operations, through use of natural products and recyclable items.

Our management team has extensive experience in managing hotels at the highest level. We have your interests at heart and our contract promise represents years of experience in satisfying clients like yourself. The contract embodies the principles of dedicated service and commitment and is a solid way of optimizing your investment return and capital growth. A viable business plan to help your business thrive You will receive a comprehensive and highly effective business plan, based on our wealth of experience. We prepare such a plan for each hotel we manage, and it incorporates details such as the hotel’s market environment, capital improvement needs and operating history. You will also receive activity calendars for planning and future monitoring. These support the marketing plan and help ensure the budget targets are met.

We are committed to providing you with expert management services to optimize your return on investment.

A solid marketing strategy is critical to building your brand, attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty to penetrate the market as effectively and directly as possible. And you also want visitors to return, year after year, as well as tell their friends of their memorable experiences. Our Marketing Division has years of experience in providing exceptional marketing services to hotels. We begin by working with you to conduct a thorough analysis of your current marketing strategy to co-create a detailed marketing plan per market segment.

We take pride in how the hotels we market out-performing their competition consistently.

Marketing Benefits

You’ll be assured of the best possible market penetration as you will have one of the unique most experienced hotel operators in the middle east promoting your organization.

  • You will receive a full marketing audit and evaluation of your current marketing campaign, collateral, websites, to identify gaps and suggest improvements.
  • You will be given a strategic marketing plan tailor-made for your hotel to capitalize on every seasonal opportunity.
  • You can obtain high quality brochures, banners, videos, and other visual marketing material, designed by some of the most talented designers in the country which will provide powerful aids for your sales team.
  • We can design a comprehensive, sales-driven website for you with an emphasis on rich, visual imagery, easy to navigate layouts and simple online booking forms to increase sales and provide an extremely positive user experience for your clients.
  • You will gain the benefit of our high level of expertise in web technology and our ability to seamlessly integrate this with traditional advertising media and to optimize bookings and revenue.
  • You will have extensive exposure on valuable social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Pinterest to ensure optimum exposure and relationship building opportunities..
  • We can develop easy to navigate mobile websites and apps so that potential guests can view your hotel and make bookings from their smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. We can drive substantial additional traffic to your website through viral promotions, competitions, special offers and other promotional techniques.
  • You will get increased booking conversions through our focus on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook to advertise your hotel’s digital presence and increase booking conversions.
  • Your database can be maintained and expanded through powerful direct marketing presentations to continually build positive client relationships and increase sales year after year.

Gewan Group Global Presence

Gewan’s wide geographic presence allows us to provide a unique combination of extensive global resources, technical expertise, and in-depth local knowledge to our clients.

Wherever you may be in the world, a vital part of our commitment is to continue nurturing our regional and global capability to better reach and serve you.

Accessibility, after all, is a vital part of our operations. That is why we never stop seeking out new markets.

Gewan Hotel Management


United Arab Emirates

  •  Abu Dhabi
    • Corniche Hotel Abu Dhabi – Operating
    • Gewan Resort Mirfa – Opening Q1/2022
    • Moon Island Resort, Abu Dhabi –Opening Q1/2022
    • Residence 55, Abu Dhabi –Rebranding Q1/2022
    • Gewan Residence Maria Island, Abu Dhabi –Opening Q4/2022
    • Gewan Life Maria Island, Abu Dhabi –Opening Q4/2022
  •  Dubai

    • MD Hotel by Gewan – Operating
    • Gewan Hotel and Residence, Dubai – Opening Q1/2022
  • Sharjah
    •  Corniche Hotel Sharjah – Opening Q1/2022
  • Asset Management
    • Fairmont Dubai – Operating
    • Fairmont Ajman – Operating
    • Fairmont Fujairah – Operating


  •  Marsa Allam
    • Gewan Resort, Marsa Allam – Q1/2022
  •    Sharm El Sheikh
    • Gewan Resort – Q1/2022
    • Gewan Beach Resort – Q1/2022
  •  Hurghada
    • Gewan Resort, Hurghada – Q1/2022


  • 5 properties , Under signature – Q1/2022


  • 1 Property, Under signature – Q1/2022



  • Gewan Hotel, Albania – Three properties in the pipeline for 2021


  • Gewan Hotel, Ulcinj Montenegro – In the pipeline for 2021


  • Malta 2 properties – Under signature Q2/2021

Gewan Hotel Management evolved globally within the region and beyond